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Did you know, employers have a duty to assess, train and supervise staff who drive as part of their job, and to manage the conditions under which staff drive for work, in order to reduce the risks their staff face and create when they drive for work?

Driving for work is higher risk than driving for personal reasons:

  • Company car drivers are 49% more likely to be involved in an accident than ordinary drivers, even after their higher mileages are taken into account. (1)
  • Drivers who drive more than 80% of their annual mileage on work-related journeys have about 53% more accidents than similar drivers who have no work-related mileage. (2)
  • Drivers of company cars, vans, pickup trucks and lorries all have a high ‘blameworthiness’ ratio in their accidents. (2)
  • At-work drivers have shown higher levels of risk-taking behaviour than others in various research studies. (3)

Almost all road crashes are caused by, or involve, human error. The most frequently recorded causes of road crashes involving drivers are:

  • careless, thoughtless, reckless driving
  • inappropriate speed
  • failure to look properly
  • loss of control of vehicle
  • lack of judgement of own path
  • failure to give way
  • poor turn or manoeuvre
  • inattention or distraction

(1) http://www.orsa.org.uk/facts-and-figures/crash-and-casualtydata/

(2) In-depth Study of Work-related Road Traffic Accidents, DfT Road Safety Research Report 58, 2005

(3) The Accident Liability of Company Car Drivers (1998), TRL Report 317, 1998

When to Assess and Train

Assessment and training should take place at various points during a person’s career with the company, starting with their recruitment and continuing at regular intervals

  • On Recruitment
  • During Induction
  • Regularly
  • After an Incident
  • Following a Complaint
  • Returning to Work

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